About Grace Poe: Owner/Teacher


We opened in 2010.


I have been riding since I was 3 years old. I have had over 18 years of riding lessons English, Western, and Dressage. I have entered many competitions; and attended clinics, expos, training sessions and more using Natural Horsemanship. The heart of your horse can be won through trust. I help you develop a relationship with your horse, a relationship where your horse naturally wants to please. If they trust you they will give you there heart and be willing to give you everything. Every time you work with horses you teach them something whether it’s good or bad.  I teach people to connect with horses and that there is no one way to do something. I want you to learn together with your horse, knowing a variety of ways to achieve a goal of truly bonding as a team.     

  • We offer

  • Pony rides

  • Field trips

  • Cart rides

  • Informational talks

  • Ground work
  • Riding lessons

  • Private lessons

  • Camps

  • Trick training

  • Horse training

  • Natural horsemanship

  • Liberty work

  • Companion riding

  • Exercising

  • Leather cleaning

  • Pet sitting

  • Barn help

  • Organizing

  • Demonstrations

  • Equine entertainment

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