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Camp Activities Include

Recommended Ages 7+ we have your summer adventure here! This isn’t your normal riding camp. Campers get to ride, learn safety on the ground; braiding, tricks, bareback riding, help with feeding, grooming, and horse care. They also get to do horse crafts, fun games/activities, We learn about a variety of disciplines, various training techniques, and each horses strengths and weaknesses. With Equine Demonstrations and Pony painting. With so much more along the way, As they learn about what it would be like to own a horse, with all the work involved. Water activities and games also included to help cool them off after they work up that sweat.

*Sibling discount- Full price for 1st camper, then $5.00 off each additional sibling 

 Discount if you would like to attend multiple camps

Required to have 3 lessons before attending camp

1. A legal guardian must sign legal waivers. One a liability waiver and one emergency contact sheet.  Please come 15 minutes before the first camp.    **Only a legal guardian can sign legal waivers!**

2. We do not have more than 10 riders at one camp- Safety is first, and we believe the less kids the more attention for each rider thus keeping down accidents. 


3. Campers are required to bring:


A.  their own lunch

B.  bug spray

C.  Sunscreen

D.  long pants (yoga pants or riding pants are  preferred  or shorts with half chaps.) 

E.  a change of clothes

F.  a bathing suit & towel 

G.  lots of bottled water or Gatorade

H.  Some type of boot with a 1" heel is highly suggested, (sneakers are not desirable and do not offer any protection from getting their foot stepped on.) 

4. Camp is open to English & Western riders alike- we offer a choice in riding style and you get to try both!

5. We do not put your small child on top of a huge horses! We are very proud of our fleet of well trained ponies.

6. Reserving your spot- To reserve your child's spot, call and send a non-refundable deposit for each camp selected. Deposit will be deducted from total leaving a balance due the 1st day of camp. Camp is rain or shine!


7. Pick up- Please drop off your child on time and be ready for pick up. Early drop off & late pick up of Students is available.  Please make arrangements with us.


8. Cancellations- Camp can be cancelled if attendance is low. We must have at least 3 riders per camp. Rain is also a factor. Light rain, camp may still be held. A monsoon type of rain and camp must be cancelled. Call or text directly along with checking our Facebook page for current info if weather is a question.