Rules, Regulations, & Policies
Participants, parents, guardians, and guests are responsible for following all rules and
regulations at all times.
Safety is our number one priority at Saddle Up Stable. We ask that you use good judgment around the students as well as the horses. All of our instructors are trained professionals, and their instructions must be followed. Do not be afraid to ask questions! If you are unsure how to do something, please ask the instructor.
• Use of proper riding equipment, including but not limited to helmets and boots with a heel, is mandatory at all times.
• The weight limit for riders is 200 lbs. Riders must be at least 5 years old to participate.
• No smoking or use of open flames.
• Never stand directly behind a horse. Horses at Saddle Up Stable are well trained,
• however, it is possible that they may become frightened and strike out.
• No running or yelling around the horses or in the barn.
• Children must be supervised at all times.
• Alcohol or illegal drug use is strictly prohibited.
• No abusive, threatening or violent behavior.
• Report all accidents, injuries, or hazardous conditions to Saddle Up Stable Staff as soon as possible.
• No one may mount, dismount or ride a horse unless supervised by a staff member.
• Do not feed any of our animals. If you wish to feed our horses a treat, ask the instructor first. Several of our horses are on strict diets and cannot have certain foods. There is also the danger of being bitten, should you try to feed an animal directly.
• Always lead a horse with a halter and a lead rope. Leading with just a halter is prohibited.
• Keep a safe distance between horses – at least 2 horse lengths apart at a minimum.
• Arena gates must be shut when horses are in the ring.
• In the case of a loose horse, fallen rider, or other emergency, do not panic. Rider safety is most important. Directions will be provided from an instructor.
• No dogs allowed.
• Please leave barn better then when you arrived. If you open it close it, if you turn it on turn it off, if break it admit it, if you borrow it return it. Thank you.
These rules are in place for everyone’s safety. Everyone must follow these rules at all times while at Saddle Up Stable. Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave and/or dismissed from our riding program.