Barn Rules/Polices 

  • Helmets are mandatory while mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • All helmets must be certified riding helmet.

  • Releases must be signed before anyone may handle or ride any horses.

  • No one may handle horses on the premises without prior permission from management.

  • Parents and visitors are welcome to observe students during their lesson.

  • 24 hour notice must be given before canceling a lesson or you will need to pay for that time slot (unless it is because of bad weather)

  • Smoking is prohibited on the premises.

  • No dogs are allowed.

  • No running when someone is riding.

  • Must be willing to do barn chores when at the barn.

  • Please keep the barn clean

  • If you open it close it!

  • If you turn it on turn it off!

  • If you unlock it lock it!

  • If you break it admit it!

  • If you borrow it return it!


Tue - Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun Closed


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